Hiking the Real Estate Trail Pre-License Audio Book Study

Hiking the Real Estate Trail Pre-License Audio Book Study

"I learned a Tremendous amount of information from your educational audio. Listening to the audio helped reinforce the items learned in the classroom setting. They enabled me to more readily understand and interpret the readings. Probably most beneficial was the fact that the audio allowed me to significantly increase my available study time by listening during my daily commute. Hands down, the audio helped me pass the course on the first try. I would highly recommend that anyone taking Pre-Licensing... and taking it seriously... purchase and utilize the educational audio you offer in the Hiking the Real Estate Trail series." newly licensed agent


This audio Thumb Drive is the perfect complimentary portable study guide for Pre-License and N.C. Real Estate lilcensing exams. It offers a thorough review of the N.C. Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing Course and is the ideal supplement for the on-the-go student or those students who wish to hear the material again outside the classroom. The Audio features a detailed review of the Offer to Purchase and Contract. Math formula explanations. License law review and an in-depth overview of the subjects covered in the course. This audio is to be used to complement your course-work and is not intended to replace it. 

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    If for any reason your thumbdrive does not work, we will replace it or refund your money; whichever you prefer. Thanks for purchasing.